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Khaterine Lentz

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We adored this villa; it was spotless and properly furnished. My family and I spent the majority of our time outside by the river. It was beautifully decorated, and it was the right size for our family of seven. For us, the location was also perfect!
Posted on 14 August 2022
Mihail Lucas
(5 of 5)
My group had to crash in London for a couple of days as we had an upcoming business meeting on the way that we were very nervous about. The hotel where we were supposed to hold the business meeting canceled the reservation at the last minute. Our manager had the amazing idea to reserve this villa for our business meeting. Let me tell you, this villa made us all feel better. Great facilities, amazing rooms, stunning views, and the overall style completely mesmerized us. We were all satisfied! Thanks to the Owner for the hospitality and the surprise entertainment events prepared for us on Saturday evening!
Posted on 8 July 2022

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